The acoustic air conditioning cover, like the Sonum model at, has many advantages.

Acoustic air conditioning cover: perfect sound insulation

It is true that all air-conditioning covers can reduce operating noise. However, the sound insulation provided by conventional models is only partial. By choosing a soundproof air conditioning cover, you can be sure that your appliance will operate quietly.

So you can enjoy the benefits of a cool interior without any noise pollution. Soundproofing is also advantageous if you live in a condominium or if your house is semi-detached. The outdoor unit will be hidden under a designer air conditioning cover that also preserves the comfort of your neighbours.

Acoustic Air Conditioning Cover

Ensures good air circulation

Air conditioning ensures the circulation of fresh air, which must also be healthy. This is why various filters are built into the units, so that allergens, dust and other particles are not released by the air conditioning. However, filters are not enough. Air exchange is just as important, which means that the air-conditioning unit must allow for optimum air circulation, and this is exactly what happens! Noise is filtered out, but the appliance can continue to function optimally.

Acoustic air conditioning cover is aesthetically pleasing

The air-conditioning cover is not a poorly designed cover, but an attractive accessory. It is finely crafted with an extremely sharp sense of detail. This allows it to take on the appearance of a piece of furniture that naturally finds its place in the front of the house and why not, in interior spaces.

Acoustic air conditioning cover: available in several colours

The range of colours available is extremely wide. For example, you can choose beige, white, green, yellow… but you can also choose a wood finish. The options give you the freedom to customise the design according to the materials found in the area where the air conditioning unit is installed. You can also choose a contrasting colour to add an original touch.

Acoustic air conditioning cover: quick and easy removal

The soundproof air conditioning cover is usually delivered fully assembled. All you have to do is install it to take advantage of the significant reduction in noise produced by your air conditioning.

Of course, it will be necessary to dismantle it, if only to carry out periodic maintenance of the air conditioning. No special skills are required and standard tools such as a screwdriver will suffice. The design of the acoustic air conditioning cover is designed to simplify your life and save you time during installation and removal.

Bring a new decorative element to the interior and exterior

Generally speaking, the air conditioning cover is preferred for outdoor groups, in particular to avoid noise pollution in the neighbourhood. However, there is nothing to stop you using it indoors to give the layout more cachet in addition to protecting you from noise.

As explained earlier, it is much more than a comfort-enhancing accessory. It can also help to optimise your decor. Place a few ornamental objects on the tray and the air conditioning cover will look like designer furniture!

Acoustic air conditioning cover: solidity

In addition to design and comfort, the air conditioning cover with reinforced sound insulation offers a guarantee of robustness. It plays a protective role for your indoor or outdoor unit. Your installation is protected from shocks and impacts, which automatically increases its life span. The robustness of the climatic covers has been tested by experienced technicians. Unless you choose a new block in a different size than the current unit, you will be able to keep the same acoustic screen for many years.

Robust, practical and adaptable to your personal taste, the acoustic air-conditioning cover is an ally of choice for enjoying the full functionality of your air conditioner. Of course, it is not a miracle solution that will totally eliminate noise. However, the gain in comfort is significant.