You Didn’t Know You Need an AC Cover

Air conditioners are essential during the summer season as well as other types of weather conditions. Nevertheless, the installation of an AC or heat pump is costly, which makes it important to keep them protected at all times. It is advisable to protect the units from various external weather factors that may cause damage that isn’t reversible.

AC covers are your best bet when it comes to safeguarding your home units and should be a priority to homeowners. Fortunately, there are several types available in the market, which makes it possible to select the most suitable one.

Why You Should Buy an AC Cover ?

Air conditioning units are usually not in use throughout the year and are often turned off during the fall or winter seasons.

Since most AC units are installed outside the home, it is important that they are kept away from harmful elements. Some of the elements include debris, leaves, dust, snow, and extreme temperatures that can cause damage to the cooling unit. Thankfully, you can keep your AC safe by investing in a cover that is suitable for the unit. Some of the benefits of buying a cover for the air conditioning unit are highlighted below.


• Covers ensure that the AC remains dry throughout the rainy and winter season. Most times, snow builds up on the machine and then melts, allowing water to seep in. If the AC is made from a metal material, the water may corrode it and cause it to rust resulting in its breakdown. In some cases, freezing ice and rain can clog the fins and coils, making them weak and unable to work correctly.

• Debris and leaves that fall from branches and sticks cannot come into contact with an outdoor unit when you have an AC cover. The cover offers all-round protection making it impossible for them to build on the machine or damage it in any way.

• Coils are one of the most important components of an AC and should stay clean at all times. When using a cover, the coils stay dirt-free, making it easier to power it up when it needs to a water-resistant coating.

• AC units that are set up outdoors need a cover to prevent large rocks, nuts, and seeds from falling into them. These materials may cause dents in the interior fans, disrupting airflow. When the unit is put on, the items that fell in will begin banging against walls and make noise that may require calling in a maintenance specialist, which would not happen if it was covered.

• Covers save you set up a time when you want to use the air conditioning unit. You only need to remove any elements that may have built on the cover and unveil it ready for use immediately. Whether you have a traditional or mobile air conditioning unit, it will power up immediately, giving you a chance to enjoy cool air in your home.
• If you have an interior AC, covering it can be the best solution to making it blend in with the rest of the décor when it is idle. You can choose a cover that complements your interior décor.

What Are The Different Types of AC Cover ?

If you want to enjoy using your AC for many years, you must buy a cover. Most of the covers sold online and at physical shops can cover sir conditioning units of different sizes (more informations here).

When shopping, you will also notice that the materials used in their construction vary, giving you a chance to pick the most suitable one. Here are some of the popular types of AC covers are listed below:

Plastic covers – These AC covers are ideal for units that are permanently installed on the wall or window. The majority are made from hard plastic and can be used on different types of AC units. They can also be customized to fit perfectly over the unit and blend in well with the structure of the home. Plastic covers also minimize the filtration of cold air to the unit resulting in less heating costs over time.

• Sturdy covers – These covers are the best for keeping cold drafts from reaching the AC. Cold drafts usually lower the energy efficiency of the unit resulting in higher bills when it begins running. The sturdy material used in its construction is lined with polyester so that it lasts longer. Also, they are available in different sizes, making it possible to find one that perfectly fits your unit.

Leaf guard AC covers– These covers resemble a wire mesh fabric that prevents debris such as leaves and grass from falling into the unit. The cover blocks unwanted plants from coming into contact with the split AC while allowing free circulation of air within it. Also, the mesh fabric is made from strong material that can withstand sunlight exposure and stretching when fitting it around the unit.

• Hybrid covers – These covers are designed to offer superior protection to all types of ACs. They are made from durable material that prevents contact with weather elements and debris. It also insulates the unit to minimize the freezing of coils or filters in the cold season. The cover stretches from the top to the bottom of the air conditioning unit and has an elastic hem that prevents strong winds from blowing it away.

• All-weather covers – These covers are ideal for homeowners that experience several changes in weather throughout the year. The covers are often made from polyester material that has a coating that is water-resistant. They are designed to protect the unit against rain droplets, solar damage, moisture, and external debris. When using the cover, your unit will be free from rust and debris that will affect its functions. Also, the covers have a wind-lock mechanism that keeps it in place on windy days.

Overall, an AC cover should be on your list as you make decision on the best central air unit for your home. It ensures your unit is well protected and serves you for years to come.

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