A holiday apartment for your stay on the French Riviera

For many, the French Riviera is the ideal holiday destination due its gorgeous weather, breath-taking scenery and elegant lifestyle. However, why stop at just booking a hotel room when you can choose a holiday apartment in Nice? There is nothing like waking up in your own space and knowing that you can relax and sleep in or wake up early, without the restriction of sticking to meal times or room cleaning timetables. You have to rent an apartment french riviera

A Nice holiday apartment can help you feel like it is a home from home, and can fully immerse yourself in the daily life of the French Riviera, and live somewhere where you can add your own personal touches so that you feel like you own the space.


The Palais Princier in Monaco.

Why choose a holiday apartment rather than a hotel room?

Enjoy the privacy of your own kitchen/dining room where you can choose what you have for mealtimes and are not restricted to overpriced restaurants or simple breakfast buffets, crammed in a dining room with other guests. Enjoy your meals prepared in your own kitchen in peace with friends and family, overlooking the staggering beauty of the French Riviera from your own private living space. You will not feel pressured to “go out and do things”, and can truly relax in a living space equipped with all the items necessary for a perfect break on the French Riviera. If you need a rest from enjoying the beautiful scenery and sightseeing spots on the French Riviera, kick back and enjoy a spacious private apartment for a few hours, free from the confines of a hotel room.

Holiday rentals in Nice are an ideal way to experience the fantastic range of activities available in Nice. Strolling through the markets in the daytime, picking up delectable French bread and croissant from the local boulangerie or pâtisserie, that you can enjoy at home.

Why pay extra for a double room in hotel with a sea view when you can have a whole apartment overlooking the stunning French Riviera? During daytime, enjoy the golden beaches, notably the Promenade des Anglais, and breathe in the fresh French seaside air. Visit ancient castles, bubbling with culture and history that will leave you breathless. Maybe you’ll enjoy taking the less beaten path and discover hidden gems – such as artisan shops, hidden gardens and small, cosy restaurants and cafés.

Places to see during your stay on the French Riviera

There are the more obvious places to visit in the French Riviera, such as a visit to the Musée Matisse in Nice for art lovers, the Palais Princier in Monaco, or Saint-Paul-de-Vence for memories that will stay with you forever. Or else, why not visit some of the hill villages in the French Riviera? These towns and villages were strategically perched on hilltops to ward off invaders, and possess a unique charm that you can’t find in modern architecture: enjoy Gourdon, Eze and Peillon for breaks from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas of the French Riviera.

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